Allergy against dogs

Many have contacted us to inquire whether the Eurasier in an allergy friendly dog, and whether people with allergy can live with a Eurasier.

We would like to point out, that the Eurasier usually is an allergy friendly dog, because it only sheds it's wool twice a year. But it varies whether someone with allergy can live with a Eurasier or not. There is also a difference between having allergy and having a respiratory illness such as asthma. We know of allergy sufferers who can live with Eurasiers, and others who definitely cannot.

Eurasier fur during shedding season

We have nothing against selling to allergic people, if we're told beforehand, and if the person with allergy comes by to visit us to see how things go. People with allergies can often quickly feel if they react towards the dog, as soon as they visit the breeder. To us the most important thing is to be honest about one's allergy, so that we know beforehand how bad it is, and how many in the family who are affected by it.

If you have further questions about Eurasiers and allergy, feel free to contact us.