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Our waiting lists are open for 2022.

3rd of October 2021: There were no puppies in 2021 from us, unfortunately. For 2022 we plan on breeding Hinata with Aiko, who can be seen here:

19th of June 2021 - One of Hinata's sons from last year has passed away due to hip problems. Therefore, our plans for 2021 have changed.

1st of February 2021 - Ino is in heat and we expect to mate her and Bismuth within the next 14 days.

11th of January 2021 - Our website has been updated with the pedigrees for our 2 upcoming litters. We currently have 20 people on our waiting list, so we're closing it until further notice.

7th of January 2021 - New year, new possibilities. We hope for 2 litters this year, one from Arachuns Hinata and Catalejmas G-Balder and one from Arachuns Ino and DaQela's Bismuth. Here are pictures of the two, hopefully upcoming fathers:

14th of August 2020 - All M-puppies have now left for their new families. Here is Mari with his humans:

5th of August 2020 - All Lost Love girls have gone to their new families, as well as 5 out of 7 of our M-boys. Here they are with their new families:

20th of July 2020 - Yesterday the first two puppies from our Lost Love litter went to their new families:

21st of June 2020 - Our L-litter are now 4 weeks old. There are new pictures of both them and our M-litter under 'pictures'. Here our children are cuddling our M-pups:

14th of June 2020 - Our Lost Love litter is now 3 weeks old. There are new pictures of both them and our M-litter under 'pictures'. Here our Lost Love girls taste real food for the first time:

2nd of June 2020 - Hina gave birth to 7 healthy males this morning, and unfortunately 2 stillborn puppies. Here the litter is with mom: