? and answers about showing dogs

At Kennel Arachun we regularly show our dogs. Partly to have the dogs evaluated by a knowing judge, so we know if they adhere to the standard, and partly for the competition. If you don't know much about dog shows, you can read on. It is also a good idea to read your own kennel club's rules.

If you want to participate in a show with your dog, it is a good idea to train first. Check to see if there is any show training in your local area.

Before the show the dog has to be taught a few things, which will make the show fun for dog and owner both. The dog has to learn to run next to the owner, on the left hand side. The dog has to accept that a stranger checks its teeth and touches its whole body - for the males also their stones. The dog should be able to stand on command, preferably for a few minutes at a time without moving around too much. The dog should be used to a collar, since no harnesses are seen in the show ring.

Which line to use for show is individual. We use slim chains and a brown leather line.

On the day of the show you have to remember something to pin your number with - safety pin or similar. It is usually worn on the left arm. You can buy a catalogue so you can keep an eye on when it's your turn. If it's a show with multiple breeds there will be several show rings. Find your own ring in good time and be ready. Make sure the dog is clean and thoroughly brushed on the day and make sure to walk the dog beforehand, so it does not pee in the show ring.

When your dog's number is called, you go ine the ring and stand. You always stand in numerical order. The dog is in front of you so the judge can see it. Sometimes the judge asks how old the dog is and they briefly greet all dogs in the ring. Then you usually have to run one round, all dogs in the class. You run at a speed so the dog is trotting. This takes some practice! Remember to keep your distance to the other dogs.

Then the dogs are led in front of the judge individually. The judge touches the dog all over and their comments are written down by a ring secretary. The judge can ask the owner to run with the dog, either in a triangle or back and forth. It is important to keep the dog at your left side, toward the judge, so you don't stand in front of the dog.

The dog then recieves a degree and a band, that shows this degree. If the dog is good enough you stay in the ring while the other ones are judged, otherwise you just leave the ring. If the dog wins the class, it has to come in again and compete with the other males or females. Finally the best male and female comptere for Best of Breed (BOB) or Best of Opposte Sex (BOS).

If you have questions concerning showing your dog, feel free to contact us.