We giveour dogs BARF and have always done so. Keiko and Namie were raised with BARF from their breeder and we have wanted to continue this. BARF stands for "Bones and Raw Food." One mostly use meat and bones which are given to the dog raw. One can add vitamins and minerals to the food. Since Eurasiers are often fussy eaters, this method is well for the breed. Our puppies will get BARF as a supplement to their mother's milk, and buyers will get some treats for the puppy when they come to pick it up. Advice concerning this method of feeding can of course also be given.

As a supplement to BARF we give our dogs a grain free dryfood. Many dogs have allergies, and the allergy is often connected with storage mites which are present in grain. Besides, grain is used for filling and the dog cannot digest it. There are several grains free brands and it's not important to us which brand is used, as long as the dog likes it. Right now we're using Olivers, but we've also used Orijen, Ziwipeak, Wolfsblut and Taste of the Wild.