Puppy plans 2020

We have mated Arachuns Hinata (DK13165/2017) with Leiionspitz Cheerfel Xantu SE59084/2014. Inbreed coefficient (for 3 generations only) 0,0 %

Health results for Hinata:

Hips-degree:  AA
Elbow-degree: 00
Patella-knees degree: 00
Eyes: Clear
Thyroid: All tests normal
DWLM: Free
Mentality test: Done at 25.08.2018

Health results for Xantu:

Hips: BB
Elbows: 00
Patella: 00

We have mated Arachuns Fuji (DK03602/2016) with Euro'Jou De Kato (DK08393/2015). In breed coefficiency is 5,4 % . Pregnancy confirmed 23th of April 2020.


Hips:  AA
Elbows: 00
Knees: 00
Eyes: OK
Thyroid: Normal, January 2018
Mentality test: Done
Dandy walker: Free

Hips: BB
Elbows: 1
OCD: Free
Knees: 00
Eyes: Distichiasis
Thyroid: Normal
Dandy walker: Free