Health demands for the Eurasier

It is not always easy to understand which health demands are applicable to the Eurasier. We can only emphasize that we strive towards a healthy breed, and we believe this can only be achieved by checking for as many illnesses as possible, and by not using sick dogs for breeding. Below we have gathered a summary with the current demands, and which standard we uphold ourselves. If you have any questions concerning this, please contact us.

The minimum demands from DKK and the demands for a "plus-pedigree" can be seen here.

It is possible to read about each illness and what letters and numbers mean under the menu "Health".

Examination / Control / Test: Danish Kennel Club's minimum demands: Danish Kennel Club's and Eurasier Club Denmark's demands for a "plus-pedigree": Our demands:
A male should have both stones in place
The dog has to be showed and get a minimum of "Very Good"   We strive to use males who have gotten an "excellent" at a show
Inbreed coefficiency should be below 6,25 %  
HD-photos   - Dog with a degree from A-C may be used for breeding. C-hips with restrictions. - Only dogs with A-C can be used for breeding (and C only in certain cases)
ED-photos   - Dogs with degrees from 0-1 may be used for breeding.
Patella-luxation check   - Dogs with degrees from 0-1 may be used for breeding.
Eye examination     - Dogs with extra hairs in their eyes (Distichiasis) may only be bred with dogs who are clear.
Blood work to test thyroid function     - Blood work has to be within the normal range and may not be older than 2 years.
Behavioural test     - We strive to test all of our females and we try to find males who are tested as well.