There are many different kinds of training one can do with one's dog. Our dogs do both agility and rally-obedience:

It is recommended that you sign up for an agility team instead of practising in your own yard, when you haven't trained before. It is also important to wait until the dog is fully grown. For a Eurasier this means that the dog should be at least 12 months old. It is sometimes possible to sign up for a puppy-agility team before then. If you have any questions concerning agility, feel free to contact us.
Rally-obedience is also called Rally-O. It is a versatile and varied form of training, and thus it fits great for a Eurasier, who is easily bored. It is recommended to sign up for training, since some of the signs can be complicated to understand properly. The dog can begin as soon as it understands the basic commands like sit-down-stand-place etc. We began when our dogs were about 8-10 months old. If you have any questions concerning rally-obedience, feel free to contact us.